About us

Who are we

Epic Digital is a digital solutions business which specialises in the development of healthcare products.

Our aim is to develop technologies that provide efficiencies and cost savings for healthcare facilities and improves both in-patient and post patient care and support. To achieve this, we will use technology to shift the healthcare industry to an individual approach to healthcare services and empower individuals to better manage and track their health.

We believe that better management of an individual’s health through an intuitive digital solution can reduce hospital readmission, prevent adverse events, aid in disease prevention and reduce the cost per patient.

Epic Digital provides digital strategy services and specialise in building web based applications, native applications, database management, analytics and reporting tools.

Microsoft Band

Epic Digital has joined the Microsoft Band Early Adopter Program to develop an application that integrates the data collected in Health Director and overlays it with real time data obtained by the Microsoft Band.

Combining known data in the form of treatment plans, medication, symptoms and affects with real time heart rate monitoring, motion sensing and temperature etc. allows us to better monitor a customer’s post treatment affects, identify their fitness for treatment, and provide a broader overview of the customers condition.

As part of the integration the real time activity transmitting from the Microsoft Band will be displayed within a customer’s profile in the Heath Director portal. This will be accessible to anyone the customer give permission to including family members and health professionals.

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